Bio Marine pharmaceuticals’ BMN 111 or vosoritide for dwarfism

Bio Marine pharmaceuticals’ BMN 111 or vosoritide will become the first approved medicine for dwarfism. It is great news for dwarf children. The drug is tested on 10 children with high dose and the results were positive with a 6 cm of growth in a year while a dwarf child only grows 4 centimeter in a year. Human growth hormone another alternative for dwarfism is already available in the market and human growth hormone also gives a growth of 6 cm in a year but the result after the first year is either zero or very minimal.

Dr William R Wilcox, a professor of genetics and a consultant to Bio Marine told the results of 6 months are important to reach to a conclusion but the initial results on the 10 children are promising.

BMN 111 or vosoritide, a drug to treat achondroplasia,a most common form of dwarfism though available it is too early to say on the consistent effectiveness. If the drug proves effective it may create a big market for itself in Asia, Latin America, North America and Europe where there may be 24000 Children with this condition live.

female children with achondroplasia grows about 4 feet while male children grows a little more. Achondroplasia Dwarfs develop some forms other complications such as disproportioned growth of limbs, bowed legs, compressed spinal cords etc. Note that vosoritide is not for adults and their growth in height.

Written By Dipti Prasad Padhi

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