Bryan Adams India Tour 2011

Bryan Adams, when ever we think about this name we say quickly oh the summer of 69 singer. Famous for his solo hits what he has achieved as a star singer performer is magnificent. He thrills millions of his fans from far and near and he throbs million hearts, he has a cult of his own and his fan following is widely found in many countries where even English is not the 1st language while his fame is wide-spread and his music is so soothing that his melodious voice can bring instant peace to the mind, his chart-busters are still ringing in my mind as i am writing a brief article about the concert to be taken place in India. Everything i do, i do it for you is almost like history, such a melody is outstanding and its lyrics has super flow and tempo and when backed by super effective music and the sweet melodious voice of  Bryan Adams it will surely become balsam to the ear.

Hey he is gonna rock the concert with all his chart-busters, you should have more information about the concert

Live at Mumbai Feb 12th 2011
Live at Bengaluru Feb 13th 2011

Live at Delhi Feb 15th 2011

Live at Hyderabad Feb 16th 2011

He is very special for me as his one song, everything i do inspired me to write a series of melodious poems, i was so inspired by his songs that i was taken deep into the world of song writing

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