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As the organization grows bigger in size, strength, scale and presence processes always shift toward excellence. People define how they can streamline processes. Everyone start from small as a beginner and then through excellence and team spirit organizations go through huge expansion. For instance the no 1 social networking site founded by Mr. Mark  Zuckerberg is now a fully grown-up company with worldwide name and fame and of course revenue. Zuckerberg conceived the idea of face book with his hardvard roommates and now within no more than six years it has become the number 2 website after Google and still growing in the number of users, members and advertisers, affiliates.
An idea is like a wave of energy as the wave is directed toward its destination through the combining waves of energy it manifests into a form from the formless. An organization as a beginner has less scope, people and money but all beginners are high on energy and enthusiasmas they want to see how ideas turn into real things or real business. There may have a few business models that target few demographics and a selective or smaller customer base. Everything looks small as it begins and when it grows up by destiny or design it looks massive.
For the sake of expansion new business models should come into being and new processes should be put into action. Managers here have a challenging role to play. In order to see the capability of a manager they should be put to ambiguous projects, different teams of people and different business model. Those who excel to the new processes and models are the real assets to the company. Excellence comes with challenges and under pressure and challenge we judge our caliber and excellence.
Written By Dipti Prasad Padhi
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By : | Category : Business and Economy| Date : November 11,2011

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