Gujarat BJP Govt. has made fun of imprisonment

According to visuals aired by Hindi news channel Aajtak, Shiva Solanki nephew of BJP MP Dinu Solanki and prime accused in the RTI activist Amit Jethwa murder case organised a musical bash at sabarmati jail. He is in jail on punishment to kill an innocent environmentalist, gujarat government providing him luxurious facility in premises of jail. He is the nephew of BJP MP and BJP rules Gujarat,Shiva Solanki with the help of jail official held the music party. Solanki had set up an office in the jail and sat in Nyay Mandir, the building which was constructed for counselling of the inmates. Solanki ran his illegal mining business from there.Solanki was shown moving freely in the meeting room while relatives of other inmates came to meet them in the jail. Solanki met two visitors at Nyay Mandir instead of the designated meeting room.
This is a blow on democracy,In December 2010, slain activist Jethwa’s father, Bhikhubhai, had written a letter to the jail IGP. He had alleged that Solanki was being favoured behind bars and also that he was using facilities like laptop and mobile phones inside the jail. He had also alleged that Solanki was running his illegal mining business from behind the bars. BJP government favoring the criminals instead of punish them.
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