Hang-out with Arvind Kejriwal

Arvind Kejriwal, AAP chief is confident that in the coming 2015 election will show the true picture of the verdict of the Delhi Voters. Arvind Kejriwal further said he has faith on the voters of New Delhi constituency. Upon asking about chief agenda of his party he states that his party has 7 points to work on if they win this election, these are as follows

1.  A corruption-free Delhi. He will make sure Delhi will be free of corruption

2. AAP will make sure prices of essential commodities come down so that the general masses feel relieved.

3.  Cheaper electricity in Delhi. Delhi has surplus electricity but the only problem is that there is no control over the electricity distributing companies.

4.   Water supply to every household in Delhi. There is no dearth of water in Delhi but the only reason is that there is syndicate of Water mafia and people in power who make money out of it.

5.  Quality education will be one of a major agenda Arvind Kejriwal has. He has a plan to open 20 colleges catering to world-class education in Delhi. Basically he has a plan to make outer Delhi a hub for education.

6.   Affordable and quality healthcare is everyone’s right. Especially in a country where there is a huge gap between rich and poor most of those who live under the line of poverty usually cannot afford the health care expenses. Even a burgeoning middle class population is scared to bear the burden of health related expenses taking into account the high expenses of medical consultancy and treatment for ailments.

7.  Women’s safety comes as a top priority, if  Arvind Kejriwal forms Government in Delhi. As per him Delhi will be under 24X7 surveillance by CCTV Cameras deployed all across Delhi.


Upon asking about high attrition rate in his party he replied even BJP and congress have attrition but media is more interested in targeting AAP. He was also asked about his inaction again Sheila Dikshit. He said, an FIR was lodged against him but before any action his Government was voted out of power but BJP from past 7 months has not yet taken any action on the basis of the FIR filed during AAP Govt. By Dipti Prasad padhi

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