Loss of Libido a common complaint of married couples

Loss of libido dampens your sexual life. As per sexologists most of the time married couples after a year and two get bored of sex and their libido goes down to a great extent. This is not only alarming for a relationship where constant intimacy means constant love. In a changing world development, progress,materialistic attitude towards life has become everything and as a result both men and women are prone to separation and divorce when they stay away from each other due to a demanding job which keeps one of the couples away from one another or due to relationship problems, ego issues or other issues.

Remember that true lovers should make love out the natural urges of love and not  by compulsion of marriage or love. When one of the partners does not like it while the other partner does it without consent it is a compulsion for one of the partner. Sex plays like a medicinal therapy for the lovers or married couples if they practice it to enhance love and bonding between them. Recreational sex may not promote bonding, faith and love while relational sex has a significant role in a keeping the couples united not as two individuals rather one. When you practice it continuously as a tool to improve relationship, strengthen love and faith you master the art and science of love-making and a long break may make you more aloof towards it.

Just remember that good sex starts from the mind as your mind is the store-house of all erogenous things.   If both partners have lost interest over time try new things. Try to fantasize about sex, think about sex, read sexual fantasy stories with your partner. Catch up some erotic stuff like audio and video. Ignite the fire once again and keep going. Take your partner to a hot scented bath. Roam around your bedroom naked and keep your mood on fire. Tease you partner. Ignite the same passion in him.

Music is great stress buster as well as a great therapy for an instant testosterone boost especially for women. A good piece of music lingers in your mind for certain time. Try having sex when your bedroom is semi-dark, and a very mild music sounds from the background. Take your partner’s hand, pull him from the bed, do some salsa and end up making love. Tune up your sex life, tune up your libido. Making love with a loved one or your married partner is nothing but a form yoga or deeper meditation.

Feel yourself. Feel your body. A perfectly maintained body is an instrument of pleasurable sex. Adore your sensuous body before the mirror, flaunt your body for your partner, and flaunt your beauty. Let your partner gets enchanted seeing your beautiful body. A good spa opens the blocked pores of your skin and keeps your body relaxed and ready for a scintillating act of love making. A full body wax keeps your skin smooth, soft and sensuous.

A well-toned body enjoys the magic of sex to a deeper level and achieves the heavenly orgasms during love making. Physical exercise keeps your body fit and enhances your body image. Hence people who regularly engage into physical exercise unlock the deeper secrets of love. Physical work-out increases the level of sex hormone in your body, maintains libido as well as helps in a longer love making session.

Diet rich in vitamin D increases testosterone. Key to a healthy sex life is about everyday intake of healthy and balanced diet. Cut the consumption of fast food, spicy food or food that increases bad fat in the body.

Playfulness makes the sessions of love making more arousing and sensuous. Eat your partner out. Try honey, chocolate sauce, fruit sauce or cream to paint your lover’s body and you know what next. Many people may feel it is more of what people in the west do but remember that Kama sutra was an Indian invention. In Kama sutra you may find various such tips to enjoy a joy –filled sex life. After all sex is a vital part of human existence.

If you want to enjoy deeper love and bonding with you partner then adore each and every part of her body. Touch, fondle and stimulate the erotic zones of your partner. Love making is not about the final union of male and female sexual organ rather it is more about kissing, caressing, fondling and murmuring sweet-nothings in your partner’s ear. It may sound like a depiction of an erotic script but the reality of sex goes beyond the physical exchange of love. In a true sense sex is a spiritual exchange of male and female energy. That is why after sex a two people feel like one, love between them deepens, long for each other; miss each other’s presence when away. Causal sex is more like losing yourself while serious relational sex is like finding your inner self.

Try out the adventures and explore newer tricks to heighten the sexual pleasure. Like trying a new position may make a lot of difference. With change in positions you may also think of about change in place. If you are bored of bedroom try some other corners in your room. If you think kitchen is great place to tease your partner while preparing food for you why not go for an adventure. What matters is keeping yourself as well as your partner happy by making love. Making love is a strongest way to communicate with your partner that is why in sexual union two souls communicate through their bodies.

A long distance journey away home brings smile and mischievous thoughts in both partners. These naughty thoughts are perfectly okay when the purpose is to take a break from your day to day mundane things. After all travelling is as much a stress buster as making love.

Written by Dipti Prasad Padhi            

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