mahek chahal in Big Boss

Big Boss has been a battle ground for the contestents like mahek chahal, siddharth, pooja bedi and others, Mahek entangled in cotroversy recently and while she has the full support from the superstar Salman khan and sanjay dutt

There were rumors that mahak chalal is the personal favorite of Salman khan and there was news about Salman getting violent toward siddharth while Salman the chief host of the show made it clear that any exploitation toward the women contenstents can not be tolorated

Pooja bedi earlier alleged Salman for patronizing mahaek while shakti kapoor has the same saying. Apparently it is clear that if Salman made a decision it must have been a thought from heart.

By Dipti Prasad padhi

By : | Category : Movie Review| Date : December 01,2011

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