Net Neutrality debate sparked off in India

Union minister of Telecom, Ravi Shankar Prasad is committed on net neutrality. In behalf of the government it has been reiterated that Net Neutrality cannot be violated for the welfare of companies. Accessibility to internet will not be discriminatory and the country will not be a victim of any such things that will violate Net Neutrality.

Remember that the very concept of internet is to connect the world and provide a platform for free information exchange. Net Neutrality is indeed the core of internet’s objective to provide seamless accessibility to users to all legal applications, websites or connecting platforms on the web without discrimination.

Role of Net Neutrality came to debate when Airtel launched Airtel zero, a platform designed to provide free access to certain sites on Airtel’s Network, it means users may access such sites for free and no data charges will be applicable for accessing such websites while Airtel will charge money from the companies who register into Airtel Zero. This was seen as violation of net neutrality because companies who pay will run seamlessly while who do not register into the platform may not have seamless accessibility or speed.

While Facebook’s newly launched was also looked as a violation of net neutrality. Net Neutrality debate sparked fire once again when a DOT panel report came up with a suggestion to regulate the VOIP services and OTT services like Whatapp, Skype, Viber. As per the suggestion calls made through VOIP or internet based calls should be put at par with calls through telecom operators. Though this is not final regulation and needs the Government of India’s go ahead.

  By Dipti Prasad padhi    


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