Never let your love go out from you life coz I lost my love

People like me can not repress their emotions, when they do not get anyone to share their feelings, emotions, hardship or joy they write and express their emotions.

I write when my difficult emotions hurt me from the core. I know how difficult it is for someone who has lost a loved one or whose loved one separated from his/her by design or by destiny.

My love separated, a year long love life faded all in darkness. We still love each other though she is married to someoneelse just to please he parents. Our parents considered love as taboo and her parents too did the same and eventually two people separated but their souls are still united. Who could separate two souls ? No one, noteven God. I have heard GOD always supports true love but most of the time something happens and true lovers separate from each other. It is also said that GOD tests the patience of true lovers and make the true lovers long for each other by separating them. Why God why you give such pain to your people.

Perhaps no one knows why love happens to someone ? , Why two people love each other so much that they can not think of living life without themselves. Two souls unite and become one.

This artilce I wrote for those who love someone and they feel they can not unite,  Pls do not let your love go out of your life in any circumstance.

Dedicated to true love


By : | Category : Relationship| Date : August 10,2014

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