Obama day in India: Obama visit may look like a turn around for India

Think about a day in a year that people celebrate as a great day in the memory of some great people, actually the true happiness is due to the official holiday declared for schools, colleges; work places. These special days are celebrated for special people like the father of the Nation Mahatma Gandhi, our first Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru and the list goes on. If I am not wrong Bhagat Singh day has never been celebrated. I think in some parts of Panjab people may celebrate and remember Bhagat Singh day though this day is not officially celebrated.
Likewise I think one day Obama Day will be celebrated all around the world if President Obama during this tenure in white house tries hard on serious issues like Terrorism which is mainly Pakistan sponsored and extremism which is a result of a fight between the bad who wear an attire of good and project him as a mahatma to the world and people whom the society thinks bad as they fight against the bad who deceive people through the art of disguise.
A terrorist with a Gun in one hand and a note of revenge in his heart may not be the actual culprit but those who do not even touch any weapon but create war like situations around their vicinity are the real terrorists.
Without getting more into this debate lets rethink of what Mr. Obama promises for India. In this 35 min speech to a joint session of parliament he has splendid gifts to offer. Well he wants India to be a permanent member of US Security Council while he has plans to lift sanctions against Dual use technology imports. What more he can offer? He should also promise to import some million people from India, come one country is over crowded and only 47 cr out of 120 cr people are employed and people from Punjab are always ready to get settled in US and Canada. Jokes apart let’s discuss what more he can offer.
Our Prime Minister expressed his hopes for a strong, peaceful and powerful Pakistan which can create room for us to settle the entire outstanding dispute while he may know from heart that it can never happen in entirety. If it was not possible to melt the rigid heart of Pak in 60 even years then it may look like a dream for another 50 odd years. The only solution for a peaceful Pakistan is to shift the minds of aspiring terrorists toward spirituality: they can of course start from Osho then they may go one to become the Buddha like godheads in the transition.
My appeal to all the terrorist organizations and their members is come on quit violence and surrender at the lotus feet of Baba Ramdev: the Re-inventor of the kapalbhati, Anulom vilom and many other weapons of disease destruction.
Obama asked India to take responsibility like a super power, his words of assurance and courage to pull our 400 million poverty stricken people from poverty sounds interesting to such an extent that some might have laughed to their last tear.  
Written By Dipti Prasad Padhi

By : | Category : Business and Economy| Date : November 11,2011

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