Pros and Cons of watching porn

India’s ban on pornography is a hot world debate. The debate is about for and against porn. Some writers have clearly mentioned how pornography is age-old and existed before it took print and electronic media. In the ancient time pornography was in the form of pictures made on cave stones. Pornographic images were engraved in temple walls and there was a purpose of its promotion. The purpose was to spread the knowledge of love making for procreation. Think of a world during that time when population was nothing in comparison to the world population today. Had this not been promoted humans might not have extinct.

Pros of watching porn

·   Temporary satisfaction to reduce frustration.

     May sometimes increase sexual spice in married life or love life if both the couples have mutual consent to watch.

Recommended by therapists to revive a monotonous married life.


Cons of watching porn

·    Chances of performance anxiety during love making.

·    One may become addicted to it

    With time one may feel sexual activities are just for pleasure. Love making is an expression of love which deepens the bond of love. Pornography may cause a shift in the thought process.

·    Increase in sexual crime may result.

·    Teenagers are vulnerable to its ill effect.


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