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Cast: Vivek Oberoi, Surya, Shatrughan Sinha, Priyamani, Radhika Apte, Sudip, Subhalekha Sudhakar and others.

Dialogues : Nageshwar Rao, Background score :Dharam-Sandeep, Cinematography: Amol Rathod, Editing : Ashok Gupta, Producers :Madhu Mantena, Sheetal Vinod Talwar, Chinna Vasudeva Reddy and Rajkumar, Story, screenplay and direction RGV.

Released on: December 3, 2010

Review of Rakta Charitra-2 is more to remember, Analyse and compare Rakta Charitra-1. RGV is known for his unique film-making that focuses upon the grey patches of the society. He himself confesses that his main areas of intrest are fictional and real life stories or the word-of the mouth stories of underworld. To understand what is under world one has to know how there is a world beyond our so-called civilized and peaceful world. Under world is also connected to places where ghosts and ghouls denormalise our lives. In certain parts of the society where people live in constant fear from people with muscle power, power to kill others, power to defy the law, power to influence the law and order give a ground to RGV films.

RVG portrays his under world themes so accurately in his films that we actually know the life and death games of the under world. Rakta Charitra showed a society and a section of people who rebel against the corrupt and powerful people of the same society where they live.

Rakta Charitra-1 is an inspired story of paritala Ravi, a gangster turned politician, RGV brought the life events of paritala Ravi on screen through Rakta Charitra-1 which was considered as the most violent movie till date in bollywood which showed brutal, gruesome killings, blood bath, Carnage throughout its continuation with a content of purpose that fits the story, script, events of the film.

Rakta Charitra (Rakta : Blood, Charitra- character) as the name itself suggests a story which is based on revenge, vendetta and as a result brutal killings, bone chilling brutality and violence. Rakta Charitra-1 is gruesome in its appeal and original in its very essence. Pratap Ravi played by Vivek Oberoi was the central character of the film. It is a story where the oppressed turns rebellion against the oppressor and as a result of which violence and brutal killings never stopped throughout the film. In the first part Pratap Ravi's Father who would work for a powerful politician was brutally killed by a conspiracy designed by the politician's brother Nagamani Reddy. When Pratap knew about his father's death he leaves everything including his love interest to take revenge on his father's killers. There he met his brother in a remote jungle hiding from the corrupt police who work for the powerful reddy politicians. His brother had support of his late father's supporters and they together would make plans to kill the reddy supporters, henchmen and the reddy brothers but due to fear of being caught by the police they could not do much harm to the reddy brothers. When pratap joins his elder brother and the gang there were new plans to fight with their enemies, all on a sudden there was a swift turn in the movie where pratap's brother gets caught and pratap went to the police station to see him and when he found his brother dead in the police custody he ran violent and wanted to kill the police officer and with the aid of his gang members he escaped the police killing the culprit police officer. From then onwards it was all blood bath, gruesome murders and mass carnage of reddy supporters and then the two reddy brothers one by one. Only Nagamani's sons were alive to keep up the violence and revenge with Pratap Ravi in the 1st part of Rakta Charitra. Buka reddy, Nagamani reddy's younger son was brutal and violent from all other villainous characters of Rakta Charitra-1 whose performance was brillinat as he carried the character so well.

Rakta Charitra-1 depicts the rise of Pratap Ravi from a Gangster to a powerful politician with the help of Sivaji, a famous actor turned politician. Ravi takes revenge against the reddy family and almost eliminates all the key people of reddy family.and the film ends with the trailers of its 2ndpart Rakta Charitra -2 with special focus on south super star Surya. As the theme of Rakta charitra is based on shocking enmity between families and bone-chilling scenes of vengeance as a result of enmity.

As per the script goes it seems Rakta Charitra-2 is a collection loosely joined plots, poorly imagined and hurriedly picked up version of the part-1, even the dialogues are not appealing like the first part. Though Punches and one-liners are carried well by the brilliant actor who is famous for giving justice to much complicating character play. RGV seems interested only in projecting the Tamil super star to Hindi cinema audience, any way Surya as an actor is introduced in Bollywood for the first time. Vikram another super star from Tollywood is now a known name after Mani Ratnam's Ravan. These two actors are known for their intense role play and are believed to have mastered complicated character play.

Shatrughan Sinha ( Sivaji) has less to do with the 2ndpart so as the role of Radhika Apte ( vivek's wife) while Priyamani and sudeep have good screen presence and played their characters well. As discussed earlier this is a Vendetta Drama between Vivek and Surya through their characters, Rakta Charitra-2 has kept the sequence of compelling violence, gore, carnage, manslaughter and scenes of stylized and creative killings of Rakta Charitra-1. The frame compositions and screen play techniques, camera angles are the main USPs of RGV films. Rakta Charitra-2 though failed to retain the originality of the 1stpart it can still be called engrossing and gripping in the way surya acted from his heart. It may be called Surya's movie as he out performs all other actors and even Vivek's acting was dominated by Surya's role play. In a line it's a good one-time watch if you are a Fan follower of Rakta Charitra-1. Film goes with a fast pace giving less time to the audience to follow and understand the sequences well and there is less to understand here and more to watch.

Visual language though not impressive like the first part still carries well. Close-up shots, camera angles all the elemental parts of cinematography were crucial and manifested well. RGV's movies have loud background scores and they justify the script and screen play. Sound, light and screen play depts have played their crucial roles.

Surya being in the jail planning for Pratap Ravi's murder, Bhawani contesting the election despite pressure from Pratap Ravi then Pratrap ravi's move to eliminate surya in jail and then several failed attempts took Ravi to Surya for a meeting and then the subsequent assassination of Pratap Rav. they are all so brilliantly played and screen played that they display RGV's brilliance as a film maker who knows the art of enlivening the characters. There is a striking dissimilarity among RGV and others when it comes to dialogue play, RGV does not engage his characters in prolonged dialogue play.

Despite a loosely written script Rakta charitra-2 is for those who want to take another taste of RGV's creative film making, Surya's screen presence in his first introduction‚ to Hindi Cinema, film's underlying temperament which relies upon gore, valour, violence with a chilling vendetta drama.

Written By Dipti Prasad Padhi

By : | Category : Movie Review| Date : November 10,2011

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