Review of No Problem Vs Review of Band Baaja Baraat

1. Most of the people who watched this movie might have problem with No problem for its inability to bring loads of gags and giggles while Band Baaja Baraat has hit the cinema with a story based on romantic comedy. Band Baaja Barat is not bizarre like No problem which tried to bring unstoppable laughter but all the efforts go in vain eventually.
2. Band Baaja Barat has a realistic, easy-to-believe story which shows the real flavour and character of Delhi. Those who are interested to watch films with a touch of reality can easily co-relate while No problem is based on unusual characters getting intertwined in the messy inconsistent sequences of the plot.
3. Band Baaja Baraat tries to sell you romance, Music mixed in Bhangra, comedy with good dialogue play while No Problem compels you to believe comedy which goes over the head, comedy which may compel you to cry instead of laughter and sequences which do not co-relate, bikini babes with little scope to enchant the audience with acting
4. Both the movies have eye-pleasing cinematography. Band Baaja Baraat had most parts of it covered in Delhi and near by places while No problem flaunts its out-of-the-country South African ambiance
5. Story of Band Baaja Baraat centers around the hero who plays a Jat boy who is very much Jat by attitude and the heroine who is a Panjabi girl in this film is very Panjabi by manners,dispositionand nature. Their contrasting nature gave impetus to romance that was ruled out from the beginning and then the love-romance chemistry between the two was all planned which indeed makes the movie more believable and gives way to a good climax, like we know it is easy to find loopholes in every movie, its story, plot, music etc as the taste of people over the years have been refined, it is also true that Band Baaja Baraat could not make the 2ndpart as strong and sequential as the 1stpart. Somewhere the flow was lost and then desperate attempts were made to wind up the film with a smooth climax. Any way it is a good watch.
Story of No problem revolves around the unusual life events of its so-called group of super actors. The unusual events that make sequences for the film are sadly inconsistent while the story stands upon a weak plot, Music is not as appealing as the previous hits of the director and the songs are just ordinary. Anil Kapoor who plays a fumbling cop had 14 bullets pumped into his body out of which 12 were pulled out and the rest two remained and to this the doctor says its is harmless but as a result of its side effect it will give occasional giggles. How silly an explanation! Sushmita who plays Anil's wife has a routine 10min/day fits of schizophrenia that make her transform into a different and violent personality everyday for 10 minutes during which she does not mind  attacking especially Anil with what ever she has in her hand.
Rest of the characters seems to make a mockery of them and unfortunately there is no savior to save this film from a disaster.
By Dipti Prasad Padhi

By : | Category : Movie Review| Date : November 10,2011

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