RIL and R-ADAG joining hands

Four years of acrimony between Anil Ambani and mukesh ambani now ended in an amicable settlement, the revival of their relationship is a sentimental relief rally for the major stock exchanges. As a result stocks of both groups gained substantially giving relief to the investors. RNRL was the highest gainer with its stock gaining 22.58% on Monday.
As per the deal both groups have removed a 10 year non-compete clause, with the exception of gas-based power plants that RIL will keep till 2022. Its sounds like an exchange of positive sentiments but experts look at this deal with a bit of skepticism as this deal allows RIL to enter into R-adag’s business interests and the different sectors that R-adag is already into. This deal has been made during a time when R-adag is need of huge funds for its projects especially the 3G mobile spectrum.
It is still a question what R-adag got in return from this deal? Will RIL pump funds into R-com for the 3G PROJECTS in excahge of the rights to access the business sectors of R-ADAG

By Dipti Prasad Padhi

By : | Category : Business and Economy| Date : November 14,2011

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