Tron Legacy Review

Tron Legacy which got released on 17thdec has got mixed reaction from the audience. If you are still left only hearing about it and want to watch it I suggest watch it in 3D or go for an I-Max theatre screening to enjoy it fully. Tron Legacy is all about powerful visual effects, visual art and visual creativity. This movie is made with an objective to give a 3D thunder to the audience after Avatar which showcased its entire 3D Prowess, unusual characters and their transformation. Avatar has a vividly thought of storyline while unfortunately Tron Legacy ends in only displaying heavy flashes of visual imagination as the plot is not powerful, subject lacks depth.


Tron Legacy hit the theaters all across the world after much hype, exaggerated promotion and a world-wide distribution

Directed by: Joseph Kosinski

Cast : Jeff Bridges, Garrett Hedlund and Olivia Wilde

Screenplay : Edward Kitsis, Adam Horowitz

Rating : ***

Tron Legacy may take you in the grip of nostalgia as its the baby creation of original Tron released way back in 1982, almost 29 years past. Most of the people who are in their very youth may not have seen the original ones for obvious reason and even there is little link between the Tron and Tron Legacy, hence those who think they may not follow the sequel as they have never watched Tron can give a rethought. Tron, the original one hit the theatre at a time when people were curious about computer, as per the technology of that time it was one of its kind but unfortunately it could not make much success in terms of box office business and eventually it turned out to be a flop. Though it was a flop majorly due to weak promotion and marketing before release it generated a kind of cult among the geeks who had understanding and passion for computer, programmes etc.


Dominant 3D visual effects make it a Must watch I-Max movie. You may be mesmerised as the 2D world of Sam transforms into an overtly designed 3D world as he enters into the cyberworld. Thanks to the great techno-transformation in the the motion picture industry. Graphics for the visuals are simply breath-taking.


Plot revolves around few central characters : Kevin Flynn (Jeff Bridges), a computer geek turned visionary, his son Sam (Garrett Hedlund ), His surrogate father Alan Bradley (Bruce Boxleitner) who happens to be Kevin's best friend and a computer program named Quorra (Olivia Wilde), a computer programme Clu designed by Sam's father who turns into a rebel dictator in the cyber world who later wanted to invade the real world.


kevin Flynn (Jeff Bridges) is a computer visionary, a master programmer who takes over ENCOM as the chief , his son recalls the stories his father used tell him about the Grid. Kevin disappeared all on a sudden leaving his son to the care of his faithful friend Alan Bradley after he reported that he found a secrete, a miracle which can transform the world. Sam grew up with skepticism over his father's credibility like others while a day comes in his life when he investigates his father's arcade and discovers a secrete chamber and a signal and he gets pulled into the cyber world. Sam's entry into the cyber world called Grid was like an alien's entry into the real world. He was soon identified as an user and not a programme, so he was taken to the Grid Mafia Clu who looks like Sam's father but 20 years younger than him. Clu plans to terminate father and son and to add twist to the story a programme named Quorra (Olivia Wilde) saves Sam and reunites sam with his father. From their he knows about how this virtual cyber world was created. From then onwards both kevin and Sam make plans to escape from the grid.


To conclude with Tron legacy is an entertainer eye-candy film with over-loaded visual art, action sequences are the highlight of this movie and the action flips are conceived in the 3D world in order to flaunt it with the taste of extra from ordinary besides that it has an ordinary storyline ( plot) on which the film stands, the characters are impressive to some extent as far as acting goes, they did their best to give emotional impact to this movie. In short it is an overt cyber drama having less scope for other aspects except the 3D action sequences.

Review written By Dipti Prasad Padhi

By : | Category : Movie Review| Date : November 10,2011

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