UN Security Council, India and Obama

Obama sees India as a permanent member of UN Security Council and Obama’s costly visit is believed to have made the air of strategic relation between the two countries warmer but has he charted a clear plan for India in the UN Security Council.  Obama has a vision for India as one of the powerful countries with overwhelming international presence. US must have planned for India and how to use India to protect and enhance its own interests.
As per experts UN Security Council is no less than a farce and the countries that have Veto power are only 5 in number and they together move the world, protect their own interest and reap most benefits.
UN is an organization of powerful tyrants who know how to use countries and where to use for their interest. UN has been helping the world to establish world peace by protecting global ideals while in most cases it has been seen the US protect its own interests and those of his close allies. UN general assembly is a mere talk show and their agendas are more west centric.
India may never gain much ground in the UN Security Council as it has been an experience that when it comes to country specific interests it has never got help from UN and it is a truth that our soldiers sacrificed more then any other country in UN peace keeping mission in African countries and what we got in return from these countries, even they do not support our candidature in the UN security council.
India should never give Veto power to UN over its important issues which concern national interests. If India does so then a time will come UN will decide when and where to mobilize Indian troops to fulfill its own interests. If India wants to send its troops across the border to fight terrorists it can do so without the consent of the UN. Only the UN-sanctioned military operations can be carried out which means UN is superior in decision making and all its decisions only holds well.
Our policy makers should first think about the internal issues, domestic peace, security, safety and interests and once the law and order and peace processes in every corner of the country is established it may then divert it attention toward world peace and harmony.
 By Dipti Prasad Padhi

By : | Category : Business and Economy| Date : November 11,2011

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