Under eye Dark circle treatment

I have been through Periorbital melanosis from last 10 years but it hardly impacted my life in a negative way. When darkness around the eyes gets prominent I clearly feel something went wrong. Either I have not had a good 8 hours sleep last night or I had junk food or I smoked or my water intake was not good the day before I noticed the dark demon around my bright eyes.

10 years and still the blemishes persist as if they have some inborn bonding with me, obviously it is a bonding that is unnecessary and I want to get rid of. I remember once long back perhaps half a decade ago when I consulted a doctor he said don't worry about it, as it appeared without your wish it will one day disappear at once. His words were more of words of a philosopher rather a doctor.

Under eye dark circle in medical terminology is called Peri-orbital melanosis. Dark circles are nothing but the pigmentation around the eyes. In some cases the pigmentation is not severe while in some cases its hyper. When I came across the word pigmentation I recalled the prolonged exposure of my face to the Sun and my bad habit of not using sun cream really made things worse. Even I have not of a habit of wearing sunglasses while I gout in the sun. When the doctor said it may run in your family I thought no its not exactly from a genetic reason rather it was due to carelessness and the history of a fatal typhoid some years back.

Remember that kidney and liver issues may also cause dark circles and the dark signs may serve as a warning that something needs to be seriously taken care of. Dark circles also become visible over the face of a person having deep-set eyes. Mine are deep set eyes unfortunately. Melanin deposition is another cause of darkening around the eyes. It may also come from allergic dermatitis either contact or atopic. Most often found in Asian and African countries while Europeans or the white people seldom have dark circles.

Methods Of treatment

There are indeed several methods of treating under eye dark circles. To start with it is always advisable to have home remedies in place. Check over your food intake, give up smoking or drinking alcohol and start drinking lots of water especially drink god amount of water as you wake up in the morning. Do not eat anything for at least 40-45 mins. You may see positive changes around your eyes. Hey this is what I have to practice religiously may be from today.

Skin under the eyes is very delicate and thin, it is more prone to damage in the form of dark circle or blemishes. Save the delicate skin from sun. Put healthy habits like going to bed early and waking up early. Working in front of the computer for long time may strain the eyes, if you cannot avoid working before the computer you can take care of some simple things like check if your room has properly lighting and also check if your computer or laptop is equipped with anti-glare glasses.

There are several home remedies for dark circle, as we know that the skin under the eyes are thin, dry and delicate proper without proper blood circulation this are may get darker making the dark circles more visible.

Cucumber juice has been a common remedy from ages, Apply the juice extract under the eyes and massage gently so that it can promote proper blood circulation, or cut two slices of cucumber and put them over your eyes. Your eyes will surely feel relaxed.

Potato juice is also proved to be effective for dark circle. Either you can use it alone or you can mix it with cucumber juice or lemon juice for better result. Note that potato and lemon are the natural bleaching agents hence it is effective in removing the blemishes around the eyes. Tea bags are also useful.

Rose water may be used as a cooling agent for the eyes.

It is also recommended to massage the under eye skin with almond or olive oil which can help in proper blood circulation.

Avoid using harsh cosmetic creams around the eye as they may harm the under eye skin

Consult a skin specialist if you go for medication

Recommended Homeopathic medicines for Dark circle treatment

Beauty of homeopathy in its symptom-based remedies and there are hundreds of medicines according to symptoms of the patient. For dark circle let me give you some secretes

Phosphorus 30 if the problem has just started and 200 potency when this problem has become chronic

Nat Mur if the cause of dark circles are from grief, prolonged sorrow, hypertension

Recommended skin creams and medicines for Dark circle

1. Wunder Eye cream 2 times once in morning and once at night. Price : 545 Rs

2. Wunder eye Touch just 10-15 mins after Wunder eye cream but only at morning only : 576 rs.

3. Flutivate Skin cream : This is not an under eye cream but a skin cream, it works good for any skin darkness or blemish or dark marks on the forhead, 150 Rs

4.Antoxid-HC tablets 2 time a day, it works as an antioxidant : Rs 255 for 30 Tabs

5.RIVELA Sun cream : 350 Rs

6. ACNE Face wash 2 times a day: 290 Rs



Article Written By Dipti Prasad Padhi

Disclaimer: This article is informative; the writer does not take any responsibility of loss or gain from the use of this article



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