Warren Buffet Looks at India as a growth hub

At 80 he looks young, energetic, witty and full of insight. Warren Buffet, fondly called as the sage of Omaha is in India recently, he is here to on social as well as business goals. Goals : I think there is no such material goal that he has not accomplished, in India though he is 10 years late by presence still the time his vision about his future goals are very sharp, vivid and strong. He sees the world differently and his way of doing business is much common and simple. He looks for honest people, good people and people with passion and drive. Do you know why he looks for such kind of people ? He has within him all these qualities engraved and this is a human tendency to work with people who are like-minded.

Warren looks to acquire businesses in India which are more fundamentally strong with a honest management while his philanthropic goals may or may not be accomplished as this is India and in India charity takes a backseat. US economy is not in panic and in the coming decades it will do better as per warren. The United states has witnessed 15 recessions since its inception and recession is a positive sign for growth i believe. There is no way to free the a country from slowdown and recession just by giving fiscal stimulus rather if a country starts to promote entrepreneurship on a larger scale i think there will be no need to be dependent upon the fiscal stimulus.

Berkshire hathaway will keep on writing many success stories for years to come as this is formed by the strong fundamentals, values of Warren Buffet.

By Dipti Prasad Padhi

By : | Category : Sports| Date : November 07,2011

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