What is cervical spondylosis

What is cervical spondylosis

Pain in the neck should not be ignored. Sometimes neck pain is due to exertion, some physical exercise, injury or accident. But the neck pain due to spondylosis is very different. Neck pain in spondylosis is caused by wear and tear of bones in the neck. As we age some of our body parts give complaints in the form of pain. Bone loss during old age is another reason of concern but when the wear and  tear of bones take place in the spine which is the bone in the neck it is called  cervical spondylosis. Cervical spondylosis is also called the arthritis of neck when joints of the neck are affected by degeneration of spinal bone.

Cervical spondylosis is most commonly occurring in old people. 85% of people after the age of 65 suffer from cervical spondylosis. cervical spondylosis does not make one disabled but the pain due to cervical spondylosis is very painful.

Cervical spondylosis cause|Cause of Cervical spondylosis

Spinal column consists of vertebras and between the vertebras disks are present and the disks contain water. During old age the disks between the vertebras degenerates and the water content present decreases resulting into arthritis of neck. Like the hip and knee joints the neck joint degenerates due to lack of water in the joint and the cartilage the covers the joints tear away. Mostly during old age the disk space between the disks reduce due to lack of water content resulting into rubbing of bones. And over time to fill the gap created by loss of cartilage and water in the disk the joint gets slowly filled by new bone growth which usually narrow the space for the nerves to pass through. This causes severe pain in the neck though the shoulder and arms.

Who are vulnerable to Cervical spondylosis | Risk of cervical spondylosis

1.      Genetics – If your family has a known history of Cervical spondylosis you should be careful.

2.     Injury – Injury causes Cervical spondylosis even during early age. I have a colleague who had a car accident which caused in the fracture of neck bone. Injury may also happen during lifting heavy objects, during weight training.

3.     Depression and anxiety may also cause Cervical spondylosis

4.     Smoking has proven co-relation to Cervical spondylosis. Smoking causes Cervical spondylosis.


Symptoms of Cervical spondylosis

1.      Stiffness in neck and neck pain is the first symptoms. Note that symptoms vary from person to person ranging from mild pain to severe pain.

2.     Weakness or numbness in the neck, arms, shoulders and even legs.

3.     Headaches may frequently occur.

4.     Muscle spasms originating from neck and shoulders.

5.     You may notice a kind of grinding sound during neck or shoulder movement.


Cervical spondylosis treatment |Cervical spondylosis doctors| Cervical spondylosis medicines

Doctors often ask the patients about the source of pain. The origination of pain guides the doctors to right kind of treatment or medicines. Doctors may ask you several questions ranging from any past accident or injury causing pain in neck or shoulders. They may ask if you smoke. They may ask about any anxiety or depression in the past or present.

Cervical spondylosis Tests | Cervical spondylosis clinical test





Cervical spondylosis treatment | Cervical spondylosis medication

Physical Therapy is what doctors recommend which includes stretching of affected strained muscles. This therapy gives short-term benefits and needs constant attention from the therapist. Relief may be temporary and the therapy needs to be done time to time. With the physical therapy application of   ice, heat or other such modalities may relieve pain to some extent.

Names of medicines for cervical spondylosis

Acetaminophen:  if the pain is mild it can relieve your pain

Along with Acetaminophen ibuprofen and naproxen should be given as non-steroidal anti-inflammatory durgs. Pain, swelling can be relieved with the continuation of the mentioned medicines. Your doctor’s advice is recommended as per the duration of the medicine in-take.

Cervical spondylosis steroid based treatment

There are different steroid based injections given for short term relief.

Homeopathy for Cervical spondylosis| Homeopathy medicines for Cervical spondylosis

Homeopathy has also proved as an alternative healing method for cervical spondylosis. Homeopathy as a holistic science has no side effects and said to have cured many spondylosis patients.

Names of Homeopathic medicines Cervical spondylosis |   Homeopathy medicines for Cervical spondylosis

Lachnanthes or Lachnanthes Tinctoria - Homeopathic Medicine in 200 potency 1 dose in morning in empty stomach and 1 dose in evening in empty stomach should be taken in case of the pain originating from the neck and moves towards the right hand to finger tips.

Lachnanthes 200 is used as an effective homeopathic medicine for Cervical spondylosis where inflammation of vertebrae occurs. Also Mag-phos- 30x, Kali-Mur 30x and Calc.Flour 30x four tablets each can be taken along side Lachnanthes 200.


This article is written to help cervical spondylosis patients. Medicines mentioned here in the article should be taken with doctor’s advice.


Written by Dipti Prasad Padhi

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