What metrics an organization sets for growth

Growth can only take place when we start measuring ourselves by means of measuring parameters. It is a basic human nature which thrives for growth, success and prosperity in general and many interesting goals in particular.
When we do not set goals for us we get astray and further moves away from success. The reason why profit and non-profit organizations set targets, goals is to attain growth and expansion. As individuals set growth targets for them they experience growth in their life and when companies set short-term and long-term goals they achieve revenue targets, expansion in the areas of business and hire people who can handle the expansion cycles of the business.
CEOs have given the target of overall growth of companies. His role is crucial for the growth, expansion, management of a company. His decisions are implemented aggressively as it is believed that such decisions are crucial for a company’s growth. He can hire and fire people and he make implement growth plans.
How to measure the CEO’s performance: In general he is measured by the stock value metrics of his company. If the stocks of the company perform well during his role as the chief decision making officer he is praised as the growth driver of the company. Most of the CEOs have no dearth of money as companies take care of all their monetary needs and they are of course high net worth individuals with good stock options allocated to them. Perhaps money is the greatest motivational force while most of them are able enough to keep up to their growth and implementation plans.
Should a CEO be measured by the stock value index or there should be other metrics or indexes to be set for him. Well it is quite unfair if all the attention goes on to aggressive sales target implementation, growth plans.
Some more metrics to measure the overall performance of a company
Employee satisfaction index
Customer satisfaction index
Employee retention index
Shareholder value index
By Dipti Prasad Padhi

By : | Category : Business and Economy| Date : November 11,2011

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