Who will win 1st Semi-Final Sri Lanka v West Indies at Dhaka, Apr 3, 2014 World T20


Curious to predict the result of the match between Srilanka vs West Indies. Time to see the strengths of both teams.

Both teams are strong contenders with the kind of performance they showed. West Indies victory against Pakistan in 32nd match, Qualifying round showed that they are impressive in both bowling and batting departments especially with players like Bravo (

ayer/51439.html">www.espncricinfo.com/world-t20/content/player/51439.html) and Sammy (www.espncricinfo.com/world-t20/content/player/53115.html)

Srilanka is equally strong with players from both sides

But I favour West Indies as the winner today

By Dipti Prasad Padhi


By : | Category : Sports| Date : April 03,2014

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