Integrity in politics has always questioned. recent leak of cables about the pay-offs of about 50-60 crore is another blow to public confidence over the govt. There has been denials about any such thing done in the past but if there is any news about this then there must be some truth. It has been alleged that in 2008 a chest full of hard cash worth 5-60 crore was distributed among the members of alliance govt in order to win vote of confidence in favour of INDIA-US nuclear deal. It is true that lots of heads turned yes for the money for vote then it becomes a part of politics, these are all challenges for a better govt. Sometimes it becomes a compulsion to do adjustments in order to run the govt smoothly. It happens when the Got is formed with the help allies from different party. Imagine how difficult it would be to make everyone happy. Power play has always been a part of politics so as corruption. Fact is that no all politicians are corrupt nor the entire political system has lost its integrity but most of the times compulsions come into picture.

It all happened when therewere drafts to be finalised for the Indo-US nuclear deal in 2008 and the left was opposing it, there was need of confidence vote in order to declare the deal as locked and during that time the only way left with Govt was to buy members of parliament with th help of cash worth 60 crore as per reports. Nachiketa kapur's name became infamous in this pay-off deal as per the leaks it is believed that kapur held various high posts before his resignation, he was PA to Renuka chaudhury, he then became her officer on special duty and during the common wealth game  he was appointed as the director organising committee and all on a sudden there were malicious information about him and it is believed that he had to resign under pressure, his instruction to a junior officer to delete the files from his computer database raised alarming doubts while the theft of his computer RAM strengthens the base of the doubts raised as per media reports from wikileaks, Moreover a RTI case was filed against him to know about his educational credentials as per reports he is a class x drop out but kapur has denied all these allegations against him

By Dipti Prasad Padhi

By : | Category : Business and Economy| Date : November 07,2011

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