Will Salman Khan Marry in 2014 ?


Question asked on 1st May 2014

Time : 16.56 Noida

My  astro Prediction : Yes Salman Khan is getting married this Year

Prediction on : 1st May 2014, 17.00 Hr Noida

As Per his Birtchart his Lagna is Aries and 7th lord is venus. His Lagna Lord placed in 10th house in capricorn is a sign of his everlasting success in career success and fame. Noticeablly his 7th lord is also placed in 10th house which means he has got strong business partner, Most of them have something to do with art,film,writing,painting as their profession. As predicted earlier he will get married to someone who is related to film industry. It seems that he will marry a co-star.

Written By Dipti Prasad Padhi

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