10 Simple ways to live a happy life

10 Simple ways to live a happy life

1.You should have strong resaons to live life. It means you should have objectives, goals, intrests and hobbies

jine ke liye bahane hone chahiye bas...jis ke paas jitne bahane hai woh utna hi sukhi insan hai

2. Never think your life is eternal. Your realisation of death makes your life more loving and lively as you will try to live your life fully

sab maya hai jana ana laga reh ta hai, kya kare jisko jitna din jahan katna hai...usse jyada nahi kat sakta, niyam hai sansar ka 

3. Live in the present, do not repent over the past

4. Preserve sweet memories, clean the undesired memories from the mind

5. Learn from life as nothing can teach you better than life

6. Love yourself, you can have compassion and love for others when you love yourself

7. Always be aware what ever you have got from the universe you have to return in parts may be through several births

8. As you know that thoughts become things….always have good thoughts

9 Never exhaust your energy in the unproductive areas of life

10 Stick to your religion and respect other religions. Your religion teaches you who you are. Commune with God

Written By Dipti Prasad Padhi


By : | Category : Self-help| Date : December 02,2011

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