12 year old Girl from Orissa was sold by uncle, raped by others, eventually rescued

 In a very shocking incident, a 12 year old girl from Orissa was found unconscious in a field at palwal, Haryana police upon interrogation found that the girl came to some village in Mathura, UP with her uncle, he later expressed his intrest to marry her, when the girl denied, he sold the girl for 50,000 to some people he knew, there after the girl was subject to sexual assault for days.

The girl escaped and reached Palwal bus station where she was waiting for the bus, finding her alone two men came in an auto-rickshaw and forcibly pulled her inside the auto, they took her to afield and raped her.

As per a joint operation of Shakti Vahini, an NGO for children helpline and Palwal police, two persons who allegedly kidnapped and raped her were arrested. A serach operation is conducted to find the uncle who sold her and the people who bought her. Appropriate sections of Indian Penal code have been registred against the two rapists.

As per the spokesperson of Shakti Vahini a letter to Haryana, UP and Orissa has been sent for the proper investigation into the case where an inter-state investigation is required in order to hunt the organized syndicate operating human trafficking.

By : | Category : Sensitive News for over 18 year| Date : December 05,2015

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