2 bullet wounds, a night inside well, several days of physical abuse, the girl finally survives

A heart-wrenching incident of in Greater Noida's Salempur Gurjar village sent a message once again to the whole world that how unsafe is Delhi and NCR. The girl who was abducted from near vicinity of her Uttam Nagar home was kept by the abducter for a fortnight in a farmhouse in Salempur Gujjar village in Greater Noida.

They raped her for almost every day, as per the 15 year old girl they raped her everytime they brought food for her. Later they took the girl in their car went towards Tughalpur and stopped their car on the way in the pretext of having water, the 15 year old victim tried to flee from the place but one of the rapist named Krishan fired two bullet shots from his .12 bore pistol from a very close range, later they dumped her inside a dry well which contained stones.

They went away from the place thinking that the girl was dead but it was no less than a miracle when the girl was declared a survivor. As per the Greater Noida Police two gunshots in her chest and Abdomen could not damage her vital organs, she cried for help during that night but on one was there to help her, In the morning she had a faint cry of help to save her life, a youth heard her voice, informed Babbal Bhati, the landlord's son, they pulled her from the well and took her to a nearest hospital, she was in critical condition when she reached hospital, she was profusely bleeding from chest and abdomen, She survived to put the culprits behind the bar. Local police have arrested the main accused Krishna and the other two minors. It was Krishna whom she knew from her uncle's grocerry, he also helped her in finding a local dairy vendor.


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