25th Day Big Boss 9 Rishabh yuvika flirt story, Puneet Vashisth the new wild card entry

 Big Boss announces Rishabh as the captain of the house.

Rochelle and he had a fight when Rishabh wanted his bag to be near his bed. Rochelle and other members objected saying from the day -1 all of them decided to keep their bags at a common place inside the house, now that Rishabh as a captain wanted to have the bags near to their bed given to keep bags they did not agree. Rishabh said that empty place near their bed is meant to keep their luggage. No one agreed to him, Rochelle and he had a heated argument over the same.

She kept detergent powder and toiletries at the wash basin, when Rishabh saw her having kept those stuff at the wash basin he strongly objected.

Yuvika, Digangana and kishwer put sunscreen in Rishabh’s jacket; it was a part of their wicked prank, as per them the blame will go to Rochelle as Rishabh may think it is Rochelle’s job.

Puneet Vashisth comes in. Puneet comes as a wild card entry. Puneet is known for his negative roles in various Hindi Television shows.

Big Boss asked him to talk in Hindi. He talks to all members, greeted them, everyone smiles and greeted him too.

Rishabh and Puneet talked to each other. They said all the existing members’ sas-bahu kr ne aye hei. Koi kisi ka dost nahi hei.Prince se bhid ne ke liye koi nahi tha, he challenged prince (No is a friend of the other, everyone came to

Rishabh said sorry to Rochelle and she also told to put the bag off the bed.  Rishabh saw sunscreen inside his jacket, he requested Yuvika to clean his jacket.

Prince exchanged Rishabh’s bag. Yuvika, Kishwer and Prince decided to throw the bag in swimming pool, Prince rushed towards the swimming pool and threw Rishabh’s bag.


Prince pushed him in the pool.

Later most of the members were seen at the poolside. Rishabh sang the song Bholi si surat song, he sang for yuvika, he lated turned flirty towards Yuvika, he told thapad se nahi pyar se dar lag ta hei.

He requested yuvika to push him in the pool.

Puneet asked for his bed, and he said who would be next to me it was yuvika, yuvika was uncomfortable.




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