2g Scam and LogJam in Parliament

BJP, the leading opposition party is halting the winter session which began on 9thof Nov of parliament on the demand of a joint parliamentary committee on the 2G scam. BJP went on a Logjam as the ruling party ruled out the possibilities of such a probe. The two week long Logjam has to be ended and to end the deadlock an all party meeting was called for but opposition wants PAC ( Public account committee to Examine the CAG report on 2g allotment.
Govt has even suggested the opposition that they can go for a team of  multiple agencies who can probe on the 2g scam but opposition is adamant on JPC,Pranab Mukherjee has represented the Govt in the All party meeting.
Due to the high agitation and pressure from the opposition, media and public govt sacked telecom minister A.Raja but opposition this time does not want to keep mum over the 2g scam, even the supreme court criticized the Govt and prime minister for not responding till 16 months from the day of allegation.
Subramanian Swamy filed a counter affidavit on Monday against the hearing of Tuesday while an affidavit was filed on Saturday on behalf of the prime minister on Saturday with an explanation of how the PMO worked on Swamy’s compliant.
Meanwhile Trinamool Congress which is a key ally in UPA agreed upon the idea of JPC and even some of the 2ndrung congress leaders supported upon JPC boosting the moral of the opposition. Even the key allies blamed govt about the inability to run the house.
Top leaders in the Govt are still confused about the issue of JPC as they may have a fear that JPC can lead to leakage of some sensitive information which ultimately taint the party image, then in the early next year assembly election will take place. No doubt such scandals have done the damage to a great extent and now people should look for some other alternative beyond congress for the next election.
By Dipti Prasad Padhi

By : | Category : Business and Economy| Date : November 11,2011

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