3 arrested in Bulandshahr gang-rape 12 robbers committed the crime

 Ordeal of the two families going to attend a funeral function from Noida to Shahjahanpur   has not come to an end though UP police have announced arrest of 3 of the gang members.

Now the tragedy that the wife and the daughter of the cab driver faced continued when they were looked upon by their locality with hatred and they are now forced to go away from the locality where they lived from 18 years.

The 14 year old Girl who knows Karate experiences nightmares, she told she has had sleepless nights as the faces of the rapists come in her dreams and she experiences panic attacks. Her mother has not eaten food after the incident.

They have only one demand, “Justice”, they said they don’t need any money, they just need justice, and they also threatened the authorities that if they won’t get justice in 3 months then they will commit suicide.

On national highway 91 this incident happened 4 days back as the family got off their Xcent car when an object hit their car while traveling, robbers at gunpoint forced them to take the car to a deserted place, and they then tied the male members of the family at one side of the field while they took the women to the other side of the field and raped them for 3 hours, as per the reports 12 robbers raped the mother and her daughter repeatedly, Ironically the incident took place just a few kilometers from the local police station.

As per the male members the police did not answer to the 100 number, while with the help of a friend in Noida they informed about the crime. Police initially did not lodge the reports but as the news came on media all over the nation finally a case was lodged and police came into action.

As per the recent report the victims told the media that they did not get any update from the new SSP of the town, Irony was that SSP’S number was found switched off.

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