3 names from the black money list revealed today

BJP's promise to bring back black money to India within 100 days of coming to power has slowly started to take shape when BJP disclosed three Indians holding accounts in foreign countries, they are Pradip Burman of Dabur India Group, Pankaj Chimanlal Lodhiya, a Rajkot based Bullion Trader and five members of Goa based mining firm Timblo.

They have been named in the Govt's Affidavit on black money in court. Dabur's Pradip Burman said his foreign account is legal and he opend it when he was an NRI, likewsie Pankaj Chimanlal also denied any illegal act. Investigation will tell if they have been clean in their foreign account transactions.

Congress recently opposed BJP when BJP did not initially disclosed the names of the suspected people who have foreign accounts. As per BJP tax treaties do not allow the disclosure of the names of foreign bank account holders unless they have been charged of wrong-doing and as per the affidavit to the court it is not illegal to have foreign bank account unless wrong-doing is found.

By Dipti Prasad Padhi

By : | Category : News| Sub Category : India News|Date : October 27,2014

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