31-Year Girl was raped twice in 1 hour in New York


A 31-year old woman in New York was raped twice in less than 1 hour. As per report when the woman came out from One Last Shag bar, she was hugged, overpowered, pushed to the ground and raped by a man named, Nicholas Isaac, 17.

After being raped the girl struggled to get up, staggered from 500 mts and found Daquan Jackson, 20 standing. She asked for help. Jackson instead of helping her did the same thing to her by raping her.


Now the case is under trial in Brooklyn court but as per Jackson’s lawyer it was framed and a dillusional  fantasy. Charges were framed against both the men.




By : | Category : Sensitive News for over 18 year| Date : November 15,2014

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