332 Mumbai to India

332 Mumbai to India has a content which is inspired from the realism. The name of the film itself reminds us a shootout of a Bihar Gunman a 23 year Rahul Raj  in a double-Decker bus named BEST. As per police report he fired at Police and in retaliatory action from Kurla police he was shot dead. Police later on told the media that this man was carrying a weapon and he was suspected of attempting to take the passengers of the bus hostage. What happened in the BEST bus on Mon Oct 27 2008 in broad-daylight was a real incident that shook mumbai for a brief period amid the tension between the  Marathi Mumbaikars who are originally from the place and those who are from North India especially UP and Bihar. Basically the film shows the rift between the Marathi and Bhaiya. Bhaiya or Bihari is explicitly used as slang as still in most parts of India people with or without intention label the word Bihari or Bhaiya as a slang on the face of someone from the North especially from UP and Bihar. We know that India is a diverse country with rich and diverse culture but as we are divided by regions we are divided and only we feel proud of our unity when India wins a cricket match or brings Gold in CWG. This film tries to show us some of the heart-wrenching events of 7/11 blast and it gives tribute to the martyr of 26/11 but it somehow fails in its purpose to bring the real thrill and emotions. This film comes under the Genre of thriller but sadly it lacks any thrill.

Film begins with the Hijack of Bus 332 by Rahul Raj and the bus has a host of characters each assigned with their role-play then to make the movie more intresting  mahesh pandey made all his effort to center the fim around so many events, characters which then muddles up the film. It seemed like fragments from here and there which have to do with reality were put together and presented as a film. Some of the dialogues are touchy while the beeped slang of the film was unnecessary, they could have added some sensations to the film if censor board approved it.

Objective of the film was to bring some real issues like regionalism vs Nationalism. What comes first we have to decide. To accomplish the objective it took the help of the real incidents happened during 2008 when people from UP and Bihar were subject to atrocities, attacks and Rage from the MNS activist who wanted to throw away people from UP and Bihar.
Undoubtedly it has a vivid storyline taken from the real events but unfortunately it failed to manifest the subject into a superb, engaging and a memorable film. Director of this movie though tried to project it as the next Wednesday or Mumbai meri Jaan for the audience but due to its below-average screen play, average dialogue play, unwise cast selection and the inability to turn the subject into structured sequences make it a failure. This movie is better than KRK's Deshdrohi , those who somewhat liked Deshdrohi will surely love 332 Mumbai to India.
Rating : *
Review written By Dipti Prasad Padhi

By : | Category : Movie Review| Date : November 10,2011

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