38 men raped a 15-year girl in Malaysia

Malaysian police detailed 13 men for raping a 15-year girl in Kelantan. After the revelation from the victim there were 38 men who raped the girl.



State and federal police officers declined comment. Detained men have found positive for amphetamine, a drug. The incident took place in May 19 2014 when the girl was lured by one of her female friend aged 17 to a hut said to be a haunting ground of drug addicts. The girl was raped by several people for hours.

As per the police chief Azham suspects may be in the nearby vicinity and there housed 20 meters from the place where the victim was raped repeatedly by several men. Malaysia, which a Muslim dominant country should introduce hudhud law to prevent rapes in the country. Also there has been a public outrage in the country taking to this incident. On internet people wanted severe punishment for rape cases. In 2012, 3000 rape cases have been reported while in the country the punishment for rape is at least 30 years of prison.

In Asian countries rape is one of a violent form of crime against women. Recently in India a physiotherapist was gang raped in Mumbai while two girls from the economically weaker section from UP were raped, killed and hanged on a tree. 

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