3rd and 4th day in Big Boss 9

Other members at house asked Mandana Karimi to co-operate. It all started with snoring of some some members which disturbed other members.

Keith and Mandana were seen having a conflict over Keith’s smoking, she objected and said she is not happy to stand outside because Keith wants to smoke.

Night 1 o clock:  Rochelle Rao said to Mandana to sleep at the other side of the bed so that she can face her boyfriend Keith Sequeira. Mandana was reluctant; Rochelle futher said she should help those who help her. Mandana said keith is my partner while Rochelle got emotional and said he is her boyfriend and she requested this for one time. Rochelle also had seen crying a little over this. Mandana said I am the target of everyone tonight.

4th day: Morning 8 Am:  All the house members work up to the song of aaa dekhe zara song.

12 Pm: Rochelle Rao and Price Narula were seen talking, Prince talked about his anger, he said when someone shouts on him without reason and rhyme he gets anger outbursts.

3 Pm: Through Rochelle Rao and Price Narula: Big boss asked to announce captains for luxury, he further stated that the Jodi of Aman and Kishwer performed the best among other Jodis when it comes to budget Phobia challenge, Hence Aman and Kishwer should be nominated as expected captains while he has given an opportunity to select another Jodi by voting among themselves. He further pointed out that they cannot vote for Rimi Sen and Suyyash Rai as they did not perform well in the phobia challenge.

As per voting among other Jodis Vikas and Yuvika became the Jodi who would challenge Aman and Kishwer in the captaincy race.

Big Boss kept a contest between the two expected Jodis for the race of captaincy. As per the contest they have to perform 3 yoga postures. The Jodi which outperform the other will be become the first captain of the house. Vikas and Yuvika won the contest and became the captain Jodi of the house. As they become captain Big Boss gave them immunity from one nomination.

Suyyash was seen talking about his concerns in connection to Aman and Kishwer. Suyyash did not like Aman’s way of dominating the partnership and he further says why Kishwer heeds to all requests Aman makes, why she can’t say no. It was a clear indication of Suyyash’s dislike towards Aman and his approach. Insecurity was clearly seen there. Suyyash further says even if he is senior to him in the industry but his approach creates dislike for him. Note that Kishwer is Suyyash’s girlfriend.

11.15 Am: Luxury budget buying process starts: usually the time duration of which is 14 mins but due to the mistakes of most of the team members a strict 4 min given to them. Luxury Budget buying process was not easy. Big Boss asked one of the team members to become a blind-folded Dog and one to become a Master. Master’s role is to take the blind folded Dog to a place where Luxry Budget item lists are located in the form of Bones for Dog. The team member who plays Dog has to pick up the bones having the name of the luxury budget items. Rochelle became master for the role while Price Narula played the role of Dog. They did their best and picked up few bones having luxury items for the house. Pickles, rajma, oats, brown bread are some of the items they picked up.

4th day 12 am: Conflict between Keith and Mandana continued when Keith requested her to stay near the wash room. Mandana said she got rashes due to insect bites and she can’t stay, Keith objected saying he does a lot of things for her like he comes when Mandana wants a facewash, He came when she wanted to wash her clothes, He came when she wanted to do some exercise outside. Mandana also defended saying when Rochelle asks him for every silly little thing she also suffers. Mandana further said Rochelle thinks her as a maid servant and she acts too smart.

Big Boss gives a golden opportunity to all of the Jodis to change partner as per their wish. It is definite twist to the tale. Let’s see what happens in the next episode.






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