5 years for Arvind Kejriwal

Arvind kejriwal held various Jan Sabhas and made it clear that they were new in politics and this time they will not resign if they got mandate in the upcoming assembly election.  He reiterated the same by saying they are actually nit fighting against any political party rather they are fighting against corruption. He also said during his short tenure corruption had come down while he says now it is the same situation as wherever he goes he hears people saying corruption has gone up again.

He also said how BJP fielded Kiran Bedi just 15 days before the election. He also alleged that BJP will try to lure votes for money. According to him 1500 rupee for every vote to BJP and 200 Rupees for vote deletion for AAP is what a plan of BJP.

There were FIRs filed against him for using the picture of Kiran Bedi on his party posters while against Kumar Vishwas too there had been allegation that he made sexist remark against Kiran Bedi. He also said how BJP is trying to conspire sting operations against his party members. He also indicated that Obama’s visit to India during the state election is also a strategy to distract public attention.

He made it clear that people of Delhi have all the right to clean and cheap water, electricity and house. He has kept an agenda in this election on women’s safety, affordable education and health as priority.

He has held 100 public meetings and in each meeting he tenders an apology to the people of Delhi that he has made a mistake by quitting in 49 days and this will not happen if AAP gets another chance.

AAP also asked for an explanation why no action has been taken over CWG scam where an FIR was lodged against Sheila Dikshit and no further action was taken by BJP as it came to power. He asked about the unknown funding that BJP receives while AAP has a transparency in terms of funds they receive from various sources as they publish in their website.

AAP also raised concern over the hike in railway fare as well electricity price. AAP promised that they will stabilize the price of electricity if they come to power as they have charted out a massive mega power project in Delhi.

Issues of Sakshi Maharaj, MP of BJP asking every Hindu to have 4 children as well as how BJP top leaders including Prime Minister Modi is actively campaigning against AAP were discussed by AAP campaigners.

By Dipti Prasad Padhi

By : | Category : Politics| Sub Category : Regional|Date : January 31,2015

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