7 bizarre excuses of rape in India

Reason-1: Skirts: Rajasthan’s BJP member Banwari Lal Singhal. In a letter written to chief secretary of Rajasthan he demanded the skirts should be replaced by trousers or salwar-Kameez.  According to him women wearing skirts expose their legs and attract unwanted lustful gaze of men. What he said is correct to some extent. When women of skirts roam around the streets or market places or open public places certainly they attract lustful gaze.

Reason-2: Binay Bihari, minister for art, culture and youth affairs in Bihar gave a bizarre reason of rapes in India is increasing due to the consumption of non-vegetarian food enhances hot temper. He urged to give-up non-vegetarian food in order to curb cases of rape.

Reason-3: Uttar Pradesh which has recently in news due to several rape cases and their police officials have their own reasons. As per a right of information query raised the police officials of UP gave their own reasons like due to lack of entertainment, increase in cell phone usage, skinny and vulgar ads on TV, vulgar songs and movies for rapes in India.

Reason-4:  Bikini at beaches is one of major reason of rapes in India said Maharashtrawadi Gomantak Party leader Sudin Dhavalikar. As per him women are more vulnerable when they wear bikini in beaches.

Reason-5: Politician like Tapas Pal, the Trinamool Congress member when said he would send his boys to rape women of opposition if they dare to touch any female from Trinamool Congress. Power of politicians and their members has been a major cause of rapes in West Bengal it seems.


Reason-6:  former police commissioner Dr Satyapal Singh reasoned that sex education in India has been a reason of rapes in India. As per him countries having sex education in their school and college education have more number of rapes. His comments came after the Shakti Mill Gang rape case. He also commented that our education system is value-less.

The most alarming thing is that in 2013 alone a total of 33,707 cases were registered.

Reason-7 : Jitendar Chattar, a Khap leader said, “consumption of fast food contribute to rapes in India”. What a bizarre reason.

Written by Dipti Prasad Padhi






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