7 Khoon Maaf

7 khoon Maaf is not purely a violent vendetta movie with a lot of bloodshed here the voilence is more graceful in its appeal, it is centered around a woman who takes retaliation against 7 men with reason of her own, This is not an adaptation of kill-bill certainly. This movie has a very simple plot with 7 stories you may say while i will rather say 7 events for this woman who kills her lovers one by one gracefully while indeed it encapsulates 7 characters of this woman who changes her style, attitude, look and ambience. Why Priyanka Chopra kills her first husband Neil Nitin Mukesh ? There is a reason behind each murder and i think eventually the audience will forgive her even after her 7 crimes. Why ? coz she had done it as she was compelled to do so under bad circumstances may be worse for her. Neil Nitin Mukesh plays an army man who is violent in his way, suspicious while equally possessive and cruelly dominating. He looses his life for obvious reason. Then comes the number of John Abraham who is addicted to women, sex and cocaine. He meets his end soon after neil. Then a poet comes in Priyanka's life, though th poet is so romantic, intelligent and sensitive he is rough, violent in bed, irfan the poet gets the punishment for the crime of shattering her lady love's trust and emotions. then comes Vronsky (Aleksandra Dyachenk ) who plays a russian spy then comes annu kapoor and Naseeruddin Shah and do you think the 7th man Vivaan Shah be spared ?

Darrrrling, the pre-promotional song is inspired from a Russian song while this song has its own appeal in pulling crowd to the theaters. Background score complements each murder while the humor is more dark and emotions of the lady tries to justify her motive and moves, only the audiencecan decide if the murders are committed under compelling circumstances or those were just a woman's schizophrenic obsession

Vishal Bhardwaj once again proves himself as a realistic movie maker with a focus to pull dark reality into his film

Written and Reviewed by Dipti Prasad Padhi


By : | Category : Movie Review| Date : November 08,2011

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