8th house in astrology The Gate of rebirth

Birth leads to Re-birth, sexuality leads to spirituality, death leads to moksha ( nirvana), spirituality leads to enlightenment, intensity or passion leads to re-generation, investment, inheritance, shared resources, mystery, longevity, other people’s resources, paranormal or esoteric experiences, legacies are 8th house issues, investigation leads to revelation, meditation leads to inner peace
It’s a house of mystery as this house makes the subject overtly inclined toward soul-searching. Buddhists say God is present in the depth of human sprit; any subject of 8thhouse takes many inward journeys into the soul in order to discover the truth. It’s also about the secrets of the soul.
8th house is about research, investigation, investement.  We get into research in order to know the hidden truth buried in a particular subject or object, as 8th house represents mystery it uncovers the mysteries from the areas it represents.
This house fascinates me as I belong to this house. This house shows intensity and makes one intense from inside. 8TH house people are hyper-emotional but somehow as this house is a house of mystery it shows a path to transform the emotions in a constructive way.  8th house is the deep underworld of our psyche. It’s a house where the ego ( i-am-ness ) slowly dissolves and the residual left as a result of this is kind of transformation is phoenix-like . When one is affected by the influence of 8th house he may susceptible to act as a sponge which can absorb others pain, sorrow and emotions. Whenever I see someone in pain or sorrow I can not stop me from feeling the same that the particular person feels. It’s a gateway to the higher heaven where the soul wants free it from its lower plane to reach a higher plane. The result is an experience of some kind of death. I feel this death every day, every moment. 8th house people are not scared of death as they experience the same perhaps everyday. When some emotions die there will be a kind of metaphorical death which transforms the soul, something dies to bring something to life. 8th house somehow strongly brings past life subconscious impressions. 8th house brings the poet in us into existence. I had no idea of what poetry is around 5 or 6 years back and one night a dear friend who himself was a poet introduced me to the world of music, poetry. He tuned in to some soft romantic Bryan Adam and mltr music. At that very night I wrote beautiful lyrics. When I showed it to him and some other friends they were both impressed and startled. Why they felt startled had a reason of course. They had been passionate music enthusiasts since years but they could never write a poem/music/song and I had never so inclined to any music in the past but the first day I heard a piece of music/song, I could automatically write lyrics of professional touch. Even when I later on reflected on this I felt my soul had identified itself with some strong past life impressions. Then for 4 years after that particular life event I would write songs/lyrics/p>

etry passionately and then compiled it as a book, I named it “Bard” and also self-published it.
Later I realized that all my poems or songs have strong 8th house theme/influence.

8Th house transcends the soul and transforms our passions. It takes us to the path of spirituality, self-searching, collective living and it often makes us healers in some way who recognize the need to heal others pain and sorrow. It’s not easy to express the nature of this house in words rather it is to be felt.
The kinds of 8th house transformation are physical, emotional, mental and spiritual
8th house books or movies are based on the theme of sex, death, mystery, paranormal things. Hollywood super star matt Damon has a cluster of planets (around 5 planets) in the 8th house of his Natal chart; most of his movies are based on 8th house theme surprisingly.
Prison is not an 8th house theme I suppose as it is perhaps the area of 12th house
Mars ruler
Pluto co-ruler
Blog written and submitted by Dipti Prasad Padhi

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