8th house mysteries

Perhaps the most powerful and mysterious house as planets in this house transform the subject psychologically, emotionally and spiritually. The kind of transformation is gradual and sometimes radical. Ancient astrologers symbolize this house as the house of death. Ancient and Vedic astrologers consider this house as a house of maraka ( death ) but the modern astrologers discard this in the light of new findings that say about death as force of liberation, death that the 8th house people go through is more of emotional. Some bad emotions have to die in order to experience the higher side of the self.
According to modern astrology death is metaphorical, it may be death of our deep seated fears and emotions associated to us, and such kind of death is like removing the extra burden from the soul.
It is also the house of union and reunion through sexuality and spirituality. It is the house of deep-rooted sexuality unlike the 5th house which is the house of romance and recreation. As this house is the most intense house in the zodiac its subtle energies can not be ignored.
8th house is also the house of inheritance or legacy; being 2nd from 7th (partnership or marriage) it is also called the house of other people’s money or partner’s money. A good 8thhouse promises a good chance of inheriting money. Fortune reversal occurs in cases of a strong 8th house. Jupiter in 8th house enhances all the traits of 8th house, Jupiter (The planet of expansion) if posited in 8th house it can bestow the native with wealth and well-being, even the benign rays of Jupiter lessens the malefic effects of 8th house if afflicted by malefic planets. Saturn in the 8th house is good for longevity.
It is the house of spiritual energy unlike the 9th house of religion; here the spiritual energies emanating from the 8th house people heal mankind from grief and misery. 8th house people are the true healers with powerful intuition. 
Key areas of 8th house: Transformation or regeneration, death and birth as the beginning and ending, money. Unlike 9th house of dogmatic learning, higher education, long voyages, religious learning 8th house deals with self-learning. All kinds of knowledge are stored in the deeper mind or what we call the mind with in the mind and some call it the soul. Unlike 2ndhouse which is the house of personal property, 8th house signifies shared resources. Pluto rules 8th house, Pluto in 8th house may bring radical changes in life. If 7th house is marriage and partnership then they found their true expression in the 8th house (shared resources).
Death, sex, taxes, investment and transformation are the underlying traits of 8th house. Through them perhaps we meet the purposes of our existence. Death is the final transformation which unites our souls with our almighty father and we go back to the place from where we have come from. Sex is also a regenerative experience only as we realize its sacred nature through deep bonding and love. Our investments either make or mar our financial goals by transforming into compounded money or loss of money. The taxes that we pay ultimately transform the things around us for our own benefits.

Written by Dipti Prasad Padhi

By : | Category : Astrology| Date : November 14,2011

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