8th house mystery takes one to the 9th house of higher wisdom and 10th house public fame

8th house according to both eastern and western system of Astrology tells us about other people’s money, death, inheritance, legacies, investment, and sexuality in general but it is much more than the general characters assigned to it. Mystery is what we call the character of 8th house while being the house of investigation, the native with a pronounced 8th house investigates mystery. We perceive mystery as something beyond the reasoning faculty of mind and hence any investigation about life after death is an 8thhouse mystery. Anything related to psychology (mysteries of mind), hypnosis, metaphysics, sexual encounters, meditation etc are all the 8th house phenomena. 8thhouse leads to the 9th house of higher knowledge, philosophy, publishing, promotion, distribution, long journeys and religion etc. Through 8th house of meditation we reach the 9th house of higher wisdom as we reach the 8th house of sexual union through the 7thhouse of partnership, marriage, 8th house of joint finance through the 7th house of partnership. Public fame is a subject of 10th house which goes through the self-promotion of 7th, 8th and 9th house.
 By Dipti Prasad Padhi
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