9th house Jupiter in astrology

9th house is the house of beliefs, religion, good deeds, higher education, higher knowledge, research. As per Vedic astrology this house is called the house of luck. Now let’s talk about belief and religion and higher knowledge and education or research, our beliefs are more based on the experiences we go through in life. In context to 9th house one’s religious beliefs are not only about regular prayers or chants it’s also about one’s beliefs and values that he/she creates in life. There are millions who may not believe in good karma or GOD, their beliefs shape their life. 

9th house is also philosophy and philosophical views about life. 

Jupiter in 9th house is somewhat a blessing as per old Vedic astrology texts. Jupiter has a nature to expand wherever it is posited, hence 9th house position of Jupiter is good for those who need to study and communicate a lot. Lawyers or Judges have this placement in horoscope. 9th house is more about broadcasting knowledge, hence Jupiter’s 9th house position is good for someone who needs to broadcast his knowledge, advertise him and become popular in fields of 9th house.

9th house is also said to be a house of “No Karma” as its 12th from 10th house. Without any karma one can not exist in the world, here 9th house in the context of no karma may means there will be less physical exertion unlike 8th house which is 12th from 9th house. 9th house means more comfort, less physical stress and less money earning capability. As it’s 5th house to 5th house it’s also more like 5th house of entertainment, joy and romance. Jupiter in such a house will enhance these qualities to a good extent.

Jupiter as per Vedic astrology is a karaka of 9th house that means it governs 9th house, hence Jupiter may give blessings in the form of knowledge, wisdom and wealth through good means and deeds. Jupiter in 9th house aspects the Lagna and 5th house. Benevolent rays of Jupiter from 9th house protects the native from adverse calamities and strengthens the lagna while at the same time its aspects 5th house of entertainment and progeny. Aspect to 5th house may bestow the native male children while it refines that taste of entertainment in such a way that the native may choose morally-right source of entertainment.

Professions of 9th house

As 9th house opposes 3rd house it be the output of 3rd house. If 3rd house is data processing than 9th house is the result of data processing, if 3rd house is communication then 9th house is higher communication. 9th house represents meditation, deep thinking, so any profession linked to yoga, meditation etc will come under the domain of 9th house. 9th house is long distance Travel, hence any profession where there is constant travelling or communication in foreign land, foreign people will be of 9th house. 9th house is teaching and preaching, hence teaching and preachers fall under this domain. Writers and publishers are of 9th house. Intellectual Politicians, foreign ministers are of 9th house. Film directors, script directors fall under 9th house domain. Lawyers and Judges, attorneys. Chefs.

Written By Dipti Prasad Padhi ( diptiprasadpadhi@gmail.com)

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