A 25 year old woman raped in Infosys campus pune

In a horrific incident that happened in Infosys Campus Pune a 25 year old girl was raped by two canteen workers in the campus while she went to the wash room. One of the workers molested her while the other took pics of both then the one who took their pics and video raped her.

It was confirmed that the girl was not an employee of Infosys while the girl was sent. Assailants are employees of an outsourced canteen that does not belong to Infosys. The Police have arrested both the assailants.

Such kind of incidents remind us several rape cases that take place perhaps every day, these cases of crime can be avoided with stringent punishment, precautionary measures by women and most importantly society’s effort in sensitizing such serious issues.

By : | Category : Sensitive News for over 18 year| Date : December 29,2015

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