A 33 year old lady raped in Dwarka by a Taxi Driver from Najafgarh

 In a country with 125 cr people has a strong patriarchal structure in its society. Men are still considered to be superior to women. Don’t wonder if it is India and don’t even wonder if it is some western country. Crime against women ranging from domestic violence, rape, harassment in work place is common everywhere in the world irrespective of a country’s culture.

A very recent case of rape in a Taxi in Dawarka, Delhi, India reminded us the uber rape case a few months’s back. The incident took place in Dwarka when a lady,33 boarded a private Taxi from a Taxi stand in Dwarka Mor. The taxi had a male passenger who got dropped on the way, after the male passenger got off the Taxi the driver tooka different route saying he needs to fill CNG in his vehicle. Allowing the diver to change his route was a mistake for the lady, the driver than took the Taxi to a deserted place and raped the victim. The lady who works in a shopping complex was punched, slapped and hit badly when resisted by the victim.

Dramatically someone passing by the place heard the lady screaming and shouting. He immediately informed the PCR, A PCR nearby the place rushed to the incident. Driver of the Taxi tried to flee from the place keeping the lady inside the Taxi but after a brief chase she was caught by the police. The driver, 40 years lold happens to be a resident of Najafgarh.

Police saved the lady and filed appropriate charges against the driver.

By : | Category : Sensitive News for over 18 year| Date : April 12,2015

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