A breakthrough finding on HIV

Recently it is discovered that HIV virus is loosing it's dread. According to the British scientists the dreaded virus is slowly loosing it's edge which means it is taking longer for the virus to cause AIDS.

HIV,which has an ability to create resistance to the body's natural immune system is also slowing its ability to cause AIDS, This evolution of HIV is a welcome sign that in the future it may completely loose its ability to cause AIDS.

Virus has become less virulent due to the widespread availability antiretroviral drugs as well as the natural evolution of the virus. Generally it took 10 years for the virus to cause AIDS 20 years ago while as per the new findings this average duration of 10 years has been converted to 12.5 years in last 10 years.

This research form the university of oxford has been backed by the scientists from South Africa, Canada , Tokyo. This research now gives a conclusion that HIV virus is slowly getting hard fight by the human body's immune response system which eventually slowing it from replicating.

This investigation is backed by the fact that proteins in our blood called human leukocyte antigen (HLA) has an ability to differentiate between the proteins of human body to proteins from pathogen. Especially HLA-B57, a variant of HLA provides protection from AIDS.

Recent studies have been a breakthrough towards fighting against AIDS which killed 40 million people  in 30 years, currently 35 million people have been infected of HIV. A RESERACH has been conducted among 2000 people having HIV infection in South Africa and Botswana, two widely HIV-hit countries of the world.

In India about 3 million (20,88,638) people have been infected of HIV. Worldwide 3.2 million HIV positive children exist. In India 1,45,446 HIV positive children exist. 1,16,459 fresh infections reported in India. 1,47,729 number of people died of AIDs in India. 7,26,824 HIV positive people have been on anti-retro-viral therapy. Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana and Karnataka have been identified as having 50% of HIV positive people in India.

In India total number new cases of HIV has reduced almost to 50%  in three years—from 3.1 lakh fresh cases in 2010-11 to 1.5 lakh cases in 2013-14. 


By Dipti Prasad Padhi

By : | Category : Health & Science| Sub Category : Research News|Date : December 03,2014

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