A candid conversation with Mr. Bowman Thomson from EvergreenCoin (EGC)

 I had a conversation with Mr. Bowman Thomson and I came to know about his vision regarding Evergreen coins, See what he says about EGC (EvergreenCoin (EGC)

Please feel free to ask me any questions. The android wallet will be out soon. We have EGCC shirts for sale on the website, there is a discount for using EGC. The solar staker is coming along and the website is up. We have started creating EverGreenCoin trees as artwork, which will be available on the website. 

My vision is an entire world that uses EverGreenCoin in green markets. Whether it be solar energy, water conservation, wind energy, cannabis, etc. I would like all the people in the world to have money, no matter how poor. This can be achieved through donation, crowdfunding, and staking. Which is what the EverGreenCoin Foundation was built for. I would like the people of the world to have power by actually controlling their own money. For too long banks and corporations have put people into poverty for their own greed. I would like for everyone on the planet to receive an education.


I would like the EverGreenCoin website to be a hub for free education, information, activism, news, and a marketplace. I would likefor the people of the world to think of EverGreenCoin when they think of giving back to the earth and each other. I fought in Iraq and Afghanistan in the US Army, I have seen some very bad things. I have seen what corrupt power can do to people. I have seen much violence that should have never happened. Have seen the strong take things from the weak. I have also seen a lot of love in the world. I have seen that giving has a much more positive impact on the world, instead of taking. I believe that as humanity we can achieve great things together, if we believe in and care for one another. I believe the more people the EverGreenCoin community gains the easier it will be to achieve my vision. Which is the vision of the EverGreenCoin community. We are all in this life together.

I love each and every word that Mr.Bowman Thomson wrote above. From his words itself you can know his emotional connection and his powerful vision for EGC.

EvergreenCoin (EGC) is gonna Rock the crypto currency world.

Start investing in EGC as by investing you are going to make great future. You will be your own banker and you will surely enjoy financial freedom. 

By Dipti Prasad Padhi

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