A formal academic education can make us rich: one more money myth

The above belief makes us modest about money and stops our material progress. This is a story of perhaps most of us. Everybody indeed wants to be a manager, engineer, doctor or a scientist but how many of us want to be an entrepreneur; even you want to be an entrepreneur you often fail to know what business you can delve into. This is perhaps the case with most of us.
Most people think that they don’t have proper education and qualifications, which dim the prospects of making money. Knowledge is empowering and one can learn at any stage of life. As negative beliefs creep into the subconscious, we should be aware that we can replace them with the below positive affirmations.
Ideas can also make money, indeed all great ideas conceived by people of genius when manifested created industries of various size and types, and I am rich with new ideas and my thoughts are powerful.
I’ve to work intelligently, innovatively and smartly for the riches I desire
I am here to make money, and I shall have all the material comforts that money can buy and one enjoys a splendid life when his life is adorned with material as well as spiritual abundance.
By Dipti Prasad Padhi
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