A Mini Desktop that comes with Google chrome OS

It is a Square sized compact and it is a mini computer with chrome OS. It has the lasted processor of Intel Core i7 that gives an every smooth performance for multitasking. It can playback the 4K ultra high definition videos without any problem. We can buy this mini desktop with 3 options one with Celeron processor and 2 GB memories (RAM). The other two is the Intel Core i3 and Intel Core i7 processor and memory 4 GB (RAM).



It’s an Elegant Design with a matte finish with the chrome logo to the top left cornet. All three variant comes with 2 USB 3.0 ports on front and the other side it has the SD card reader and the Kensington lock. At the backside it has the display port, HDMI port, 2 USB port, 3.5 mm audio jack and the Ethernet port. 

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It’s light weight, compact and can be placed anywhere because of its size. It can be connected to multiple display same time or we can connect it to a HD television.


Every thing runs as a form of web pages so it uses a little space as possible. Every thing is operated in full screen mode and there is no pixel based screen positioning.


The playback of the full HD i.e. 1920x 1080p that we tested is smooth and superb.

It requires internet to be connected always and all the apps runs without any performance delay. It comes with a two year of free Google drive space of 100GB.

You can buy this in online or you can buy it in post free ads website were you can find some good deals.


The pros are that it is compact, it has a good performance and it supports VESA Mount.


The Cons is it doesn’t comes with a VGA port.


If you are a lover of web browsing and streaming videos all the time that it could be the option for you to buy it.

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