A mystery yet to solve

No one wants to suffer in life! Does anyone? But certainly we suffer through one or the other reason. Anything or any being or any event or accident of life that makes us suffer always opens a door towards our inner world, This world is very different, it opposite of our material world of Maya (Illusion), it’s a metaphysical world, you may experience this world when you try to stay a little aloof from your material wishes, desires or the illusions.

You may also experience the beauty of your inner world when you start to realize that there is something else to life along with its mundane activities, Material desires. But is it really possible to discover such a mysterious world without having eaten the fruits of desires? Perhaps not.   

Sufferings that keep you down momentarily are actually nothing but transformative forces that help you to discover your inner world. If you have already discovered than you are heading towards its exploration. Now you stepped into your inner world. You have left your outer world for a moment. The moment you stepped in, you got lost, and you look for light, its pitch dark, you becoming breathless as if you forget how to breathe in and out. You look for light as you are scared with the kind of darkness that you never experienced. Now you are in panic.  You held your breath and moved forward just to find some light, there you see some light at a distance, in panic you rushed towards the light, and you eventually reached there. What you see? One enlightened being is in lotus posture and deeply meditating, his body emitting so much light that your inner world is now no more darker. In confusion you asked who I am. Why I am here? Where is that darkness gone? And who you are? How you emitting so much light? You took a deep breath, feeling relaxed but your inquisitive mind is still in dark, you want to solve the puzzle of how an enlightened being has presence in your inner world ? How he entered your world, what he is doing in your inner world, moreover how he is radiating so much of light?

Written By Dipti Prasad Padhi 


By : | Category : Self-help| Date : July 29,2016

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