A philosophy of Osho that is highly misunderstood

 I am into astrology and I checked the birth chart of Osho. Having a bunch of planets situated in the 8th house of his natal chart tells about his inner quest towards occult. Osho had extra-ordinary occult power and his occult understanding about everything that he came across was not kept as a secret rather he shared his philosophy to the world. More often those who talk about Osho casually think of him as a guru who promoted sex. But those who understand his philosophy may know that he said Oh, you naïve people, ignorant and hungry for smaller orgasms through physical pleasure should be aware that there is something that can mitigate your hunger and can give you orgasms that can last forever.

These orgasms are not physical orgasms rather spiritual orgasms. Physical orgasms can only last in moments but the orgasms that can be brought through the awakening of our inner self can last like eternity. Yes this spiritual awakening can brought through meditation, Osho had his several meditation techniques and perhaps even at this juncture of time, his disciples in Osho Ashrams may be getting knowledge of such meditation techniques.

Osho connoted the physical acts of love as divine. Mostly it is taboo everywhere even today and still be a taboo for generations because it is not easy to accept it in open. The divine connotation of this justifies its divinity as we all know that it has so much power that it can produce a new life. It hasso much power to give human the pleasure that he/she may long for. 

But is it that simple to accept it as divine unless a human being is not pure from body, mind and spirit? This is something that we all should understand. We humans are designed in such a way that we hear what we really want to hear, when Osho preached about sex and its purity, people dived into a complex world of ecstasy rather than spirituality, I am not talking about everyone here. We are after all pleasure-seeking humans who hanker for carnal desires more often. When an established guru says something, we accept it easily without understanding the deeper secrets in that Guru’s philosophy.

Without knowing truth or understanding it can we accept or practice it? So, it is better to understand the deeper secrets of some taboo stuff that revolve around us. Many industries are built upon, prospered through our ignorance (inability to properly judge what is right and wrong). These industries earn massive money as they know our inner desire for pleasure. So, we should be wise in analyzing some philosophies before accepting or practicing it. Let’s not a philosophy become responsible for social vice.

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