A.Raja, CBI raid and 2G scam

under tremendous pressure from supreme court CBI raided A.Raja's house along with 14 others premises in search of substantial documents of forgery but to their disappointment they did not find any such documents. It made clear to CBI that A.Raja and his team had prepared much before the CBI raid.
The raid covered to some of the DOT officials such as the the former DOT commission member, Raja's private secratray, his business partner Batcha and several others.
As the world knows about the fraudulent spectrum allocation to operators who had no such telecom track record it was also clear that due to which there was an estimated revenue loss of 39 billion dollar to the Govt, as per CAG report.
What do we say about an estimated deposit of 2lakh crore of illegal money parked in swiss banks? If India can bring that money back to the country and invest honestly in different projects then i think about 50 crore of people who are assumed to be under the line of poverty can get jobs and almost all the villages can be connected to cities through roads. then we will not need any IMF or world Bank to fund us
Politics is bad as usual as there is no ethics in it while the greedy politicians are just like vampires who suck the blood of this country every moment
By Dipti Prasad Padhi

By : | Category : Social| Date : November 10,2011

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